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  • What exactly is 'dark social'?
  • What exactly is 'dark social'?
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Why are brands getting chatty in dark spaces? How is social media being used as a safety check? Why do modern men want to be handled with a gentle touch? And how are friends becoming more valuable?

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  • Pantene encourages dads to hang with their daughters Pantene encourages dads to hang with their daughters

    Nothing draws an audience quite like the Super Bowl. In 2015, around three-quarters of US adults planned to tune in for the big game, including 83% of men. Capitalising on this sizeable, predominantly male audience, Pantene’s 2016 Super Bowl spot was just for them – and, more specifically, for dads.

  • What Facebook attempted to say with Friends Day What Facebook attempted to say with Friends Day

    Valentine's Day and Father's Day have long been condemned as consumer holidays masquerading as celebrations of love. But unapologetically branded holidays are just as common nowadays. Following Amazon's announcement of Prime Day, Facebook has christened February 4th Friends Day.

  • Article image Would you want to chat to a brand on WhatsApp?

    Private messaging is an ideal medium to do the obvious – open a dialogue and conduct a conversation. In fact, 59% of all US social sharing now occurs in private channels. But while people are happy to chat to their mates on platforms like Facebook Messenger, how can brands get involved?

  • Article image Lads on lad culture

    Masculinity is in flux, and lad culture with it. But that doesn't mean the lad doesn't still hold a place in the hearts and minds of British blokes. Canvas8 sat down with men between the ages of 20 and 40 to find out what it means to be a modern man and where the lad fits in.

  • Article image Social Chain: making brands go viral

    If you tweet something funny, there’s a small chance it could go viral. But what if you could hire a company to make that tweet into a trending topic? Enter Social Chain, self-described as the UK’s ‘largest influencer network’. How has a virtually unknown business spawned so many online trends?

  • Article image Finsta: teens keeping it real online

    Documenting one’s life through Instagram snaps has become a daily ritual for teens; 52% of 13- to 17-year-olds in the US have an account. Yet the pressure to maintain a picture-perfect digital presence is driving many to open ‘Finsta’ accounts, which are open to select group of trusted friends.

  • Article image Companion: you'll never walk home alone again

    Almost a quarter of female student at US universities have experienced sexual assault. And while government initiatives have been introduced to make campuses safer, mobile app Companion appears to be having the biggest impact on freshers. How is tech being used to improve student safety?

  • Article image #squadgoals: when your social group becomes a status symbol

    Raised online, Gens Y and Z expertly craft virtual identities that reflect and enhance their offline lives. And increasingly, friends – or ‘squads’ – are a part of that image. As the hashtag of the moment, what does #squadgoals say about the way digital natives form and maintain friendships?