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  • The rise of robots is making people safer – and scared
  • The rise of robots is making people safer – and scared
    Garry Knight, Creative Commons (2015) ©

Can we trust robots?

As our lives become more automated, the consumer robotics industry is only set to grow. But something is holding the market back – people find it difficult to trust these machines, especially in their homes and offices. Why do they make us uneasy, and what will convince people to trust robots?

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You’re driving on the German autobahn at 100mph. It’s a dark night, cars are speeding past, and your hands are gripped on the steering wheel. But the thing is – you’re in a self-driving car. Technically, they’re safer than regular cars; around 94% of auto accidents are due to human error, with driverless vehicles capable of minimising or completely negating this factor. [1] So at what point do you take your hands off the wheel and relinquish control to a machine?

If you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of letting a machine drive you, you’re not ...



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    Amazon Echo: talking to your virtual home assistant

    With 60% of Americans using the voice-activated concierge service on their smartphone every day, people are growing accustomed to the idea of interacting with a virtual assistant. Tapping into the trend, Amazon has launched a smart speaker that acts like a home assistant.

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    How AI is affecting kids' brains

    Technology is part of every aspect of our lives. But amongst the innovation, there are questions about what exactly we’re trading in for these advancements. Do smartphones actually disconnect us? Has Google made us stupid? And is making friends with robots messing up our kids?

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    Living with the ‘borgs

    Technology has become an unparalleled part of every aspect of our lives, dominating our work, our social lives, our hobbies and even our healthcare. But at what point does our changing relationship with technology become a problem? And how do we fix it?

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    Man in the machine: robots in east and west

    Nic Crowe dissects the significance of the robot in contemporary culture, and the key attitudinal differences in Japan and the West.