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  • How can a loo roll brand inspire loyalty?
  • How can a loo roll brand inspire loyalty?
    Who Gives A Crap (2016) ©

Who Gives A Crap: lessons on brand loyalty from loo roll

With three-quarters of the market boasting ‘softness’ and price a key point of difference, it’s tough to build loyalty as a loo roll brand. Yet Aussie start-up Who Gives A Crap has tripled in size each year since 2012 by following three rules – make it good, make it fun, make it irresistibly easy.

Location Oceania / North America / Northern Europe

Dreary after navigating the supermarket labyrinth, kept artificially alert by bright lighting, you arrive at the home care aisle. You’re met with rows of laundry powders touted as uniquely brilliant, with an array of soaps that will each clean your dishes in an unrivalled fashion.

The world of fast-moving consumer goods is so saturated that people’s perception of product parity – that all products will do a good enough job – is corrosive to brand loyalty. Can selling directly to customers help distinguish the indistinguishable?





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    There's one rule that explains how trends catch on; visibility. And more than half of us are now willing to pay more for products that are visibly socially responsible. Professor Lynn Kahle, who studies brand values, explains to Canvas8 why a brand’s values matter and how they influence people.

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