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  • How has Cillit Bang replaced Barry Scott?
  • How has Cillit Bang replaced Barry Scott?
    Cillit Bang (2016) ©

Cillit Bang – The Mechanic: cleaning made man-friendly

Cillit Bang’s long-time spokesman Barry Scott has been swept away as the brand seeks to make household chores more appealing to the modern man. But can a Flashdance-inspired ad with Hollywood production values really get blokes more excited about scrubbing their bathrooms and kitchens?

Location United Kingdom

‘Mr. Muscle meets Flashdance’ is the way Cillit Bang has launched its new campaign, ditching Barry Scott – the brand’s loud and proud spokesman – for a new, edgier poster boy. Created by BETC Paris, the ad launched in January 2016 to much online chatter, racking up 4.6 million YouTube views in under a month. [1]

The video shows dancer-turned-actor Daniel ‘Cloud’ Campos cleaning a dirty car garage while doing a dance routine set to ‘80s hit ‘Maniac’. Armed with a bottle of Cillit Bang, he pirouettes and jumps into the bathroom and around the kitchen, spraying ...



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