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  • Is the craft beer craze coming to an end?
  • Is the craft beer craze coming to an end?
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Is craft beer still cool?

Craft beer has emerged as a strong industry contender in recent years, with microbrewery founders across the world getting down to business, trading their ‘staches for snappy suits. But now that major players have entered the game and hipster appeal has diminished, will it still be cool?

Location North America / Northern Europe

For many years, the beer market has been going flat as drinkers tire of the same old stories and similar tastes; between 2010 and 2015, beer volume increased by a mere 2.1% compared to 2.8% in the previous decade. [1] But the emergence of the craft beer movement has put some fizz back into the industry.

The $100 billion global beer market is expected to reach $688 billion in sales by 2020, and craft versions have already claimed 11% of the market in the US. [2][3] Elsewhere, craft beer production has also increased dramatically; ...



  • Article image Blind Pig Cider: Heineken hops on the craft movement

    Led by the craft movement and new, fruity flavours, cider’s evolution from park bench brew to hipster favourite is well underway. Heineken is now looking to corner the premium end of the market with the launch of its ‘20s-inspired Blind Pig brand. How is it building indie appeal?

  • Lidl embraces the craft ale craze Lidl embraces the craft ale craze

    Craft beer has well and truly frothed up into the mainstream, and its popularity is reviving breweries across Britain. Discount grocer Lidl is hoping to cash in on the craze with a range of premium bottled beers and ciders sourced from big producers and local micro-breweries alike.

  • Turning cheap beer into a craft brew Turning cheap beer into a craft brew

    Craft breweries have radically shaken up the beer industry. Mass produced options like Bud Light are being challenged by craft beers that promise to deliver better quality and a more authentic brew. But what if you could turn an ordinary pint into a craft beer with a product not unlike a tea bag?

  • Gen Yers drink less beer, more wine and spirits Gen Yers drink less beer, more wine and spirits

    Is there anything better than an ice-cold pint of lager on a scorching day? Apparently there is, since Gen Yers are increasingly moving away from beer in favour of wine and spirits. But what’s driving this move? And is traditional pale lager doomed to stay in the barrel?

  • Craft brewers revive the beer can Craft brewers revive the beer can

    Despite canned beer having clear advantages over bottles – like keeping out oxygen and light – cans have developed a negative reputation that's been difficult to shake. But the can is making a comeback, with craft brewers designing quirky tins for their beer.

  • Article image Why we want our gin and vodka to be craft

    Around 90% of people worldwide consider spirits to be an affordable luxury. No longer is drinking vodka, rum and gin just a means of intoxication – it's an experience to be savoured. But with the definition of ‘craft’ unclear, is it becoming little more than a marketing tag?

  • When craft brewers become mainstream When craft brewers become mainstream

    What's the definition of craft beer? The US says that 6 million barrels of beer or less a year is craft, but in the UK an official definition has yet to be penned. This means that craft brewers are not regulated, and could be holding onto a title to keep their customers.

  • Article image Distill Ventures: bottling the craft spirits movement

    Just like beer before it, spirits are getting the craft treatment. Tapping into the emphasis on quality over quantity, Diageo has launched an accelerator programme to raise the next generation of craft distilleries. But why isn’t Diageo just creating its own premium brand?