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  • Can data and expert insight help find your perfect products?
  • Can data and expert insight help find your perfect products?
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My Beauty Matches: beauty advice driven by data

With e-commerce accounting for just 6.2% of beauty sales, it’s clear that the industry is still ruled by the high street. Offering an alternative to in-store assistants, My Beauty Matches uses a data-led approach to generate personalised product advice. Can it convince people to buy beauty goods online?

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When it comes to beauty, people are constantly on the search for that perfect product, whether it’s a bronzer that gives the impression of a week in the sun or a primer that creates a flawless base. My Beauty Matches allows users to find that ideal item by simply filling out a short questionnaire – its data-driven algorithm takes care of the rest.

It’s not a beauty retail site, instead partnering with established players to create practical, hassle-free shopping experiences for customers through customised product recommendations. With over 250,000 products and 1,500 brands, there’s a lot of choice, even ...



  • Article image 2016 Expert Outlook on health and beauty

    How can the beauty world better cater to older women and men? Will social media ‘it girls’ continue maintain their influence over consumers? And are niche brands set to break into the mainstream? Three health and beauty experts give their views on where the sector is heading over the next year.

  • Article image DECIEM: a bare-faced beauty brand for all

    The beauty industry is diversifying and DECIEM is an umbrella brand that’s responded to this with high-tech products for all. According to founder Nicola Kilner, society is increasingly ageless and genderless, anyway. So who exactly are its customers? And what’s behind its rapid rise to success?

  • Article image Memebox: bringing K-beauty to the US

    The Korean wave phenomenon – also known as hallyu – has seen South Korean culture exported across the globe, and the nation’s beauty sector is now following in its wake. Having seen success domestically, Memebox intends to ride this wave to the US, bringing with it curated K-beauty boxes.

  • Article image Miramix: multivitamins personalised for you

    There’s a pill for every life stage or ailment. Whether it’s iron for anaemia or evening primrose oil for thinning hair. But what if you fancy boosting your immune system by tweaking your vitamin C levels? Miramix allows people to create their own blend of vitamins, but do we really need supplements?