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  • What does a social activist look like?
  • What does a social activist look like?
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The Radical Monarchs: a new age of social justice

Changing the world for good can be a challenge at any age, but a group of 8- to 12-year-old girls from California aren’t letting their youth stand in the way of achieving social equality. Who are the Radical Monarchs and how are they changing what it means to be an activist?

Location United States

Founded in 1912, the Girl Scouts of the USA is an institution dedicated to educating and bettering young women. With 59 million women participating at some point during their childhood, the organisation has helped generations develop a range of practical skills, such as how to build a campfire or cross-stitching, with a much-sought after badge earned upon completion. [1]

Now, imagine a similar organisation that instead offers badges for ‘affiliation with LGBTQ communities’, ‘radical self-love’ or ‘attending a civil rights march’. Though these might seem incomprehensible achievements for tween girls, there’s a group in California ...



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    Jewelbots: girls get coding with a techy friendship bracelet

    There is a big gender imbalance in the tech industry; women make up just 26% of the computing workforce. Jewelbots wants to change this dynamic with programmable bracelets that make coding accessible for Gen Z girls. Can smart jewellery get girls interested in science and technology?

  • Next phase of ‘Like a girl’ campaign launched

    Next phase of ‘Like a girl’ campaign launched

    The second phase of Cannes Lions 2015 Grand Prix winner ‘Like a Girl’ has been launched. The ad – already viewed over four million times – sees girls write society’s perceptions of females (‘weak’, ‘perfect’, ‘not brave’) on boxes, before smashing them both literally and metaphorically.

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    Is Barbie’s reign really over?

    With her long blonde hair, tiny waist and pure pink wardrobe, Barbie is an icon. She may be only 11 and a half inches tall, but this cultural giant has occupied a prominent position in little girls’ toy boxes for over half a century. In 2014, Barbie was knocked off the top spot on most the popular girls’ toy list. But is Barbie’s reign really over?

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    Are Generation Z just a bunch of squares?

    They don’t smoke, they don’t drink, and they want nothing more than to own a house and start a business. The kids of Generation Z may not even be 20 yet, but they've already earned a reputation as a bunch of squares. But are these digital natives really born to be mild?