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  • What’s new in candyland?
    Miles Cave, Creative Commons (2012) ©

How Gen Y are changing the candy aisle

Many sweet-toothed shoppers can’t keep their hands off the candy. But while some of us stick to the timeless classics like gummy bears or gobstoppers, others are looking to take their taste buds on an adventure, fuelling all kinds of innovation in the world of confectionery.

Location North America / Northern Europe

What are your favourite sweets? Are you a sucker for a Snickers? Do you prefer tucking into a Twix? Or is it a bag of Reese’s Pieces that’ll really get you going? Confectionery is responsible for the biggest chunk of Europe’s $46.5 billion snack industry, while the US confectionery market is set to swell by $6 billion between 2014 and 2018. [1][2] Overall, the global confectionery market is worth $57.5 billion – in short, sweets are a serious business. [3]

But despite a 2% year-on-year growth, it isn’t ...



  • Article image Dandelion Chocolate: bean-to-bar for cacao connoisseurs

    Following in the artisanal footsteps of wine, cheese and coffee, San Francisco-based Dandelion Chocolate is at the forefront of the bean-to-bar movement, revolutionising the way the confectionery is made and sold. Are we set to see ‘vineyards’ for chocolate in the next few years?

  • Article image Hershey’s Cool Blasts: getting America chewing

    Chewing gum used to be synonymous with youth in America. It was sexy, glamorous and epitomised a laid-back attitude. But the $4 billion US gum market is down 10% in sales, and this is expected to continue until 2019. So why are Americans spitting out their gum?

  • Article image How snacking is taking over the US one bite at a time

    More calories were consumed in snacks during the 2015 Super Bowl than at Thanksgiving dinner in 2014. Snacking in the US is at an all-time high, with 91% doing it daily. So why is the 'little and often' habit replacing traditional meals? And what does the average American really want from a snack?

  • Article image Snacking goes super-luxe

    The snacks market is booming, and discerning consumers want to be inspired and surprised as they seek more than the usual nutritional sustenance or standard tastes. What they really want to consume is an emotional connection.