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  • What does ‘home-cooked’ even mean?
  • What does ‘home-cooked’ even mean?
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How home chefs are hacking recipes

Americans say they cook around five evening meals a week, but only three of those meals are prepared using fresh ingredients. The very definition of home cooking is changing – people enjoy food more than ever, but they're increasingly starved of time. So how exactly are people cooking at home?

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Americans say they cook around five evening meals a week, but only three of those are prepared using fresh or raw ingredients. [1] The rise of food-related media has inspired at-home gourmands to release their inner chefs, but time restrictions and budgets are creating a market for products that make home cooking as quick and easy as it is tasty. But if people aren’t cooking with fresh ingredients, what are they cooking with?

While 26% of US consumers claim to have advanced cooking skills, 41% consider themselves ‘intermediate’ – enough knowledge to rustle up a ...



  • Heinz’s Heroes appear as school begins

    Heinz’s Heroes appear as school begins

    Heinz is hoping to bring some excitement to tea time with the launch of its ‘After School Heroes’ campaign, promoting quick and easy meals that kids will love. As the new school year dawns, parents are rushing to make sure they’ve got everything they need, and Heinz’s Heroes are ready to help.

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    What are Americans cooking at home?

    On dinner tables across the US, eating dessert is on the decline, while healthier ingredients are enjoying their time at the top. More interesting, still, is the renaissance of the home-made meal. But what’s got Americans tying their apron strings, and heading back into the kitchen?

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    Bilder & De Clercq: ready meals for wannabe chefs

    Dutch retailer Bilder & De Clercq is revolutionising meal solutions, curbing food waste and connecting with the ‘fresh tonight’ top-up shopper. Ingredients are organised by recipe, and they’re being swept off the shelves by those who are keen to cook, but not to prep. 

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    Hello Fresh: pretending to scratch cook every night of the week

    People in the UK love to cook. Nearly 60% actually prefer to cook at home rather than eat out. But they don't have enough time. Is meal subscription service Hello Fresh the answer? It gives the illusion of scratch cooking, with each meal taking only 30 minutes to put together.