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  • Do Gen Yers care about Christmas?
  • Do Gen Yers care about Christmas?
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Gen Y on Christmas

What does Christmas mean to Gen Y? Is it all about the parties, the drinking and throwing out unwanted gifts when no one‘s looking? Or does it mean a little more? Canvas8 sat down with British men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out how they’re spending Christmas in 2015.

Location United Kingdom

Christmas in 2015 is as likely to be about the celebration of boozy dinners and Black Friday shopping hauls as it is to be about the birth of Christ – if not more so. Pet-related advent calendars actually outnumber their religious counterparts in the UK this year; a testament to the fading presence of Jesus on his own big day.

And for no generation is this truer than Gen Y; a generation that’s not only less religious than any other, but that’s defined by its apparent narcissism – not exactly in keeping with the holiday spirit. Why ...



  • Article image Should Christmas ads be cynical or sentimental?

    Has the crop of Christmas ads in 2015 delivered more of the branded values we saw in 2014? Canvas8 spoke to Alex Gordon, CEO of Sign Salad, about why, this year, these ads are split between those who want to keep the magic alive and those offering something more knowing.

  • Gen Y like to self-gift at Christmas Gen Y like to self-gift at Christmas

    Back in 2013, Harvey Nichols encouraged people to buy a little something for their loved ones so they could buy a bigger something for themselves. And this self-gifting mentality is here to stay, especially for Gen Y, who are big on treating themselves during the holidays.

  • Article image How are Brits shopping for Christmas?

    Christmas seems to come earlier every year – or at least the marketing and advertising frenzy that precedes it. Festive madness is becoming even more all-conquering since the arrival of Black Friday in the UK, but how has the way Brits shop and think about Christmas changed? 

  • Article image Why is Harvey Nichols encouraging seasonal selfishness?

    Harvey Nichols’ special Christmas collection encourages people to buy “a little something” for their loved ones – so they can buy “a bigger something” for themselves.