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  • Is Lidl’s Christmas ad a little too ironic?
  • Is Lidl’s Christmas ad a little too ironic?
    Lidl (2015) ©

Should Christmas ads be cynical or sentimental?

Has the crop of Christmas ads in 2015 delivered more of the branded values we saw in 2014? Canvas8 spoke to Alex Gordon, CEO of Sign Salad, about why, this year, these ads are split between those who want to keep the magic alive and those offering something more knowing.

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Christmas is a loaded time. Happiness, love, new stuff, peace on earth, goodwill to all men, a perfectly roasted turkey; these expectations are precariously piled onto a few short weeks at the end of every year. And it’s brands who have been tasked with delivering them. Not just the material acquisitions – the toasters, shoes and scented candles – but also the immaterial, as we look to household names to capture the nation’s shared values as Christmas time. 

The desire for branded values at Christmas arguably reached its peak in 2014, when Sainsbury’s turned its festive spot into ...



  • Gen Y like to self-gift at Christmas Gen Y like to self-gift at Christmas

    Back in 2013, Harvey Nichols encouraged people to buy a little something for their loved ones so they could buy a bigger something for themselves. And this self-gifting mentality is here to stay, especially for Gen Y, who are big on treating themselves during the holidays.

  • Article image How are Brits shopping for Christmas?

    Christmas seems to come earlier every year – or at least the marketing and advertising frenzy that precedes it. Festive madness is becoming even more all-conquering since the arrival of Black Friday in the UK, but how has the way Brits shop and think about Christmas changed? 

  • Brits plan for a bumper Christmas Brits plan for a bumper Christmas

    Presents, turkey, carols and crackers – what's not to love about Christmas? And although the 25th of December only comes around once a year, a September 2015 report from Greene King shows that Brits are already gearing up for the festive season, buying presents and booking get-togethers.

  • Article image Unwrapping 2014’s Christmas adverts

    From wistful penguins, to overworked mums and even trench warfare, this year's Christmas adverts tug at our heartstrings harder than ever. We sat down with Dr. Alex Gordon, semiotician and founder of Sign Salad to discuss the meaning behind the media magic.