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  • What will our gadgets look like in 2016?
  • What will our gadgets look like in 2016?
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2016 Expert Outlook on Technology

Are we really a nation of iOS users? Is there such a thing as luxury tech? How has our relationship with apps changed the way we perceive our time? As part of our Expert Outlook 2016 series we speak to three technology experts about gadgets, gizmos and the devices we'll be digging in 2016.

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To find out how technology will change over the coming year, Canvas8 sat down with author and technology theorist Tom Chatfield, Matt Hussey, editor-in-chief of The Next Web and Daniel Booth, group editor of Web User and ComputerActive.





  • Article image Shyp: a smarter interface for shipping

    The advent of drone delivery suggests the future of shipping is here, but the logistics are still a bit of a nightmare – senders and recipients alike are often required to slog to the post office. Shyp is a delivery app overlaying traditional shipping with a simpler, smarter interface.

  • Article image CUJO: securing your smart home from cyber threats

    In 2014, 110 million US adults were hacked. As we fill our homes with smart lights and thermostats, heightened connectivity is bringing heightened insecurity. A guard dog for the digital age, CUJO is designed to keep the connected home secure from cyber-threats. But are our homes really at risk?

  • Article image Poppy: thoughtful appliances that restock themselves

    It’s 8am and you’re late for work. You rush into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal only to find you’ve run out of milk. At that moment the doorbell rings. It’s a delivery of groceries that you didn’t order, including a carton of milk. That’s the future according to Poppy and Amazon Dash.

  • Article image Philips Hue wireless dimming kit: smartening up home technology

    By the end of 2015, 20 million US households will have a smart home device. But while brands keep releasing tech, many people remain underwhelmed. Philips now hopes to make smart home lighting simple with its wireless dimming kit, but can it spark interest in the modern, connected home?

  • Article image Lexon Fine: gadgets that really go with your Gucci

    Technology aimed at women is often slammed for being ‘girly’. But at a time when a gold Apple Watch could be as coveted a fashion accessory as a Gucci handbag, stylish technology has never been more sought after. Lexon Design’s ‘Fine’ collection is feminine technology without the frills.

  • Article image Will the smartwatch kill the wristwatch?

    Are traditional watches under threat of extinction by the evolution of the smartwatch? Or is the mechanical timepiece truly timeless? Apple’s iWatch is making stalwarts like TAG Heuer and Swatch rethink, so what do we really want to wear on our wrists?

  • Article image How Uber fulfils our ‘I want it now’ culture

    Push for a pizza, swipe for a cleaner and tap for a taxi. The rise of apps like Uber is facilitating the culture of ‘I want it, and I want it now’. For digital-savvy city-dwellers from London to Beijing, everything you need – from your dinner to a ride home – is just an app away.

  • Article image Nest Thermostat turns up the heat

    Tony Fadell, the man who helped oversee the design of Apple's iPod and iPhone, has designed a new thermostat that can 'learn' the patterns of its users.