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  • Can Disney bring sustainable tourism into the mainstream?
  • Can Disney bring sustainable tourism into the mainstream?
    Miki Yoshihito, Creative Commons (2014) ©

Villages Nature: Disney’s natural theme park

Disney parks are known for making children’s dreams a reality, not for fulfilling climate scientists’ fantasies. But that’s about to change as the iconic brand branches out with Villages Nature. Set to launch in 2016, can a theme park pave the way for a host of new sustainability-focused getaways?

Location France

The word Disney conjures images of anthropomorphic mice, sparkling princesses and a stereotypical Prince Charming. But Euro Disney’s new collaboration with Pierre & Vacances – Villages Nature – bears none of these hallmark icons, instead serving as an example of sustainable living and eco-tourism.





  • Article image 2016 Expert Outlook on leisure

    What kinds of hotel do people want to stay in? How can the craft world ‘go digital’? And will VR take over the holiday industry or will it be confined to gamers’ homes? As part of the 2016 Expert Outlook series, three industry insiders give their views on the future of leisure and tourism.

  • Ethical products tied to personal well-being Ethical products tied to personal well-being

    Eco-friendly products have created a lot of buzz in recent years, but are environmental benefits a bonus or a necessity for consumers? Survey results suggest that for brands in the food and drink industry, a sustainable approach is now a must-have in order to please ethical shoppers.

  • Article image National Geographic: curating a collection of rare retreats

    Nearly $1 trillion was spent on luxury experiences in 2012, with travel and hotels accounting for half that figure. National Geographic hopes to appeal to the world-class traveller with its Unique Lodges of the World, but how can it convince HNWIs to ignore the breadth of choices online?

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    The great outdoors is having a moment. The outdoor apparel industry made $4 billion in 2014. But with more people living in cities than ever before, what it means to be ‘outdoorsy’ is changing. A new consumer has emerged; the casual camper. But who are they? And how are brands engaging them?