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  • How will people unwind in 2016?
  • How will people unwind in 2016?
    Matthew Kenwrick, Creative Commons (2012) ©

2016 Expert Outlook on leisure

What kinds of hotel do people want to stay in? How can the craft world ‘go digital’? And will VR take over the holiday industry or will it be confined to gamers’ homes? As part of the 2016 Expert Outlook series, three industry insiders give their views on the future of leisure and tourism.

Location Global

For the leisure Expert Outlook 2016, Canvas8 speaks to tourism trend watcher Goof Lukken, the editor of Craft Focus magazine Julie Bonnar, and Henry Stuart, the CEO of Visualise.





  • Article image Marriott VR Room Service: digital postcards inspire adventure

    Since launching in 2013, Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly campaign has been pioneering the future of travel, from mobile check-in to in-room Netflix. Now, guests are able to order exclusive VR content to their rooms. How can travel brands use this tech to boost sales and strengthen consumer loyalty?

  • Article image TreeHouse: from do-it-yourself to do-it-together

    More than half of US homeowners think now is a good time to renovate. But with growing environmental awareness, there’s a desire for more eco-friendly home improvement. Can TreeHouse – hailed as the ‘Whole Foods of DIY’ – revolutionise the sector with a focus on education and sustainability?

  • Article image Zero Latency: VR gaming beyond the bedroom

    Billed as the world’s first VR entertainment facility, Melbourne-based Zero Latency gives visitors a truly immersive experience for a small price. It provides an alternative, accessible way for people to experience the tech, but can it convince consumers that VR has a place in the mainstream?

  • Article image Casual Campers: pitching up in the urban jungle

    The great outdoors is having a moment. The outdoor apparel industry made $4 billion in 2014. But with more people living in cities than ever before, what it means to be ‘outdoorsy’ is changing. A new consumer has emerged; the casual camper. But who are they? And how are brands engaging them?

  • Article image A sector snapshot of leisure

    How are brands becoming wingmen? Why are we seeking spaces just to ‘be’? How is internet dating changing nightlife? And why are adults reconnecting with their inner child?

  • Article image What's the future for virtual reality?

    2015 will see an avalanche of virtual reality devices appear in the mass market, with the likes of Sony, Google, Facebook and Microsoft targeting gamers across the globe. The technology may now be an attainable reality, but will it be used for anything beyond video games?

  • Article image Art-thérapie: colouring books that help adults unwind

    Stressed out by mortgages, childcare and mountains of laundry, an increasing number of adults are turning to colouring books to unwind. With studies suggesting that even brief periods of art-making can reduce levels of anxiety, could this childhood pastime provide better relief than yoga?

  • Article image Will DIY inspire a new generation?

    While the past decade has seen the rise of maker culture - from crafting to hacking - DIY retailers seem to have been left out. And yet, despite a shaky housing market, the desire to improve one’s home has never been stronger. So what’s behind this mismatch, and how can brands transform into buzzing hives for a new generation of DIYers?