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  • Could Facebook be perpetuating fear?
  • Could Facebook be perpetuating fear?
    France 24 (2015) ©

Facebook Safety Check: keeping the crowd connected in times of need

In the 24 hours following the attacks on Paris, 4.1 million people marked themselves ‘safe’ on Facebook. It prevailed as a practical tool for the masses; a way to alleviate worry and spur a collective sigh of relief. But is Safety Check simply a helpful feature or yet another way to perpetuate fear?

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It’s been described as an ‘act of war’ by French president François Hollande. And it’s spurred further war and further media coverage, as the world comes to terms with the 129 deaths that occurred on November 13th 2015. But on the night that gunmen and suicide bombers wreaked terror in multiple locations across Paris, there was brief respite for those that looked on from overseas. [1]

“My thoughts are with everyone in Paris tonight,” read a status announcement from Mark Zuckerberg. “We’ve activated Safety Check, so if you’re in Paris you can mark yourself safe ...



  • Facebook’s ‘dislike’ button isn’t what it seems

    Facebook’s ‘dislike’ button isn’t what it seems

    “People have asked about the dislike button for many years,” announced Mark Zuckerberg at an informal Facebook Q&A in September 2015. “Today is a special day, because I can say we’re working on it and shipping it.” Of course, the internet has had something to say about it.

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