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  • Is this the best billboard in the world?
  • Is this the best billboard in the world?
    Carlsberg (2015) ©

What's the point of billboards?

In a splintered media landscape – where we’re flitting from device to device, bombarded by 360 ads a day – Out of Home advertising remains a constant. After all, you can’t skip a billboard. But that doesn’t mean people like them, either. So what does the future hold for the billboard?

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The bruised face of a woman who’s played victim to domestic violence gazes down to the streets of London. Erected the day before International Women’s Day, the billboard asks passers-by to ‘look at me’. And via facial recognition technology, the more people that look, the more her bruises fade. [1] It’s a simple way to convey a powerful message. 

Interactive billboards are increasingly common across the world – in Japan Google Play’s first billboard doubled up as a switchboard people could plug their phones into, while a Fiat ad in Germany helped passing drivers parallel park. [



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