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  • Do Brits care where their meat comes from?
  • Do Brits care where their meat comes from?
    Garry Knight, Creative Commons (2012) ©

Do Brits prefer to eat British?

British produce is en vogue. Government strategies have been launched to push domestically grown food, while a growing number of supermarkets are making public commitments to British meat, milk and eggs. But what does the British brand add? And what does the label mean to consumers?

Location United Kingdom

Apples from Kent, cheese from Devon and milk from a British dairy. When James and Emily Bradshaw of the British Family blog buy food, they seek out retailers and restaurants who can fill their basket or plate with as much domestically-sourced produce as possible. But the Bradshaws aren’t alone in their desire to buy British.

A plethora of recent research demonstrates the high level of consumer interest in buying British food; a 2014 study from food standards organisation Red Tractor found that 90% of shoppers felt it was important to support British producers, while 84% said they’d buy food ...



  • Busy French turn to British food Busy French turn to British food

    France has historically been sniffy about English cuisine, favouring their gastronomic culture of brie and bordeaux over fish and chips and builder’s tea. But now the tides are turning, and French diners are turning to British brands for high quality convenience food.

  • Article image Beyond Bespoke: selling Britishness to the super-rich

    Britishness is a huge selling point for HNWIs across the globe, from Rolls Royce and Burberry in China to British butlers in Dubai. Can Beyond Bespoke’s ‘The Little Black Book’ of Britain’s most exclusive specialists become the passport to a secret world of UK luxury?

  • Brits still love cod and chips Brits still love cod and chips

    Despite increased awareness and availability of healthy foods, 30% of women and 41% of men in the UK still enjoy a fish supper from the local chippy at least once a month. And there are no airs and graces; 52% don't bother with a plate and eat straight from the paper.

  • Article image Untie your apron and reach for a ready meal

    While some people are bypassing the butcher in favour of curing their own meats, another set can’t be bothered to even turn on the oven and are sending the posh ready meal market soaring. But as people's tastes split into two extremes, what’s prompted these new habits?