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  • How do the ultra-rich relax in the lap of luxury?
  • How do the ultra-rich relax in the lap of luxury?
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How do UHNWIs spend their free time?

Flying by private jet to your own island, joining a ‘circuit’ of celebrity-filled events and chartering a superyacht – the life of an Ultra High Net Worth Individual is the stuff of dreams. But how do they actually spend their time and wealth? And how can brands engage these big spenders?

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Imagine if you could fly by private jet to your own island, join a ‘circuit’ of exclusive, celebrity-filled events, charter a superyacht, or take a rocket to the moon. [1] Welcome to the world of the Ultra High Net Worth Individual (UHNWI). In 2015, research firm Wealth-X reported that there were 211,275 of them around the world, each with an average net worth of $141 million. [2]

This elite demographic forms just 0.004% of the global population, though their accumulated wealth makes up 40% of overall GDP. [2][3] But these plutocrats ...



  • Article image Celestine Eleven: a luxury boutique for the body and mind

    From yoga turning into a $27 billion industry to mindfulness going mainstream, Eastern ideas of wellbeing are becoming a part of Western daily lives. Celestine Eleven now hopes to bring spirituality to the high street as a hybrid spa and luxury retailer, but can a store sell personal enrichment?

  • Article image Ten Group: a luxury lifestyle concierge serving London’s UHNWIs

    Ever wanted an elephant at your party? Or maybe a private Jessie Ware gig? It’s never too big an ask of the Ten Group – the global leader in lifestyle concierge services. But why has demand for these services grown so rapidly? And how’s this changing relationships between businesses and UHNWIs?

  • Article image Skytime Card: pay-as-you-go private jet travel

    Spending on luxury travel hit a $460 billion high in 2014. As more people desire a slice of the high life, will Skytime Jets’ pay-as-you-go private jet hire be a hit? Is elite air travel set to become more accessible than ever? And how are such schemes shaping the future of luxury travel?

  • Article image How wealthy jet setters learnt to share

    The ‘sharing economy’ has taken the travel industry by storm. Now, ‘collaborative consumption’ is going luxe. But what does this shift mean for luxury travel? Will exclusive clubs and networks formerly accessible only to the super-wealthy become the new norm?