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  • Do ‘likes’ matter in luxury?
  • Do ‘likes’ matter in luxury?
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Should luxury brands ‘do social’?

The luxury goods market is worth €224 billion, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to change, many top-tier brands see no point in fixing something that doesn’t seem broken. But has a conservative approach to brand messaging grown stale? And how does luxury fit into a world of tweets and likes?

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The global personal luxury goods market is valued €224 billion – and that figure is growing. [1] It’s therefore unsurprising that when it comes to change – whether that’s subtly altering the design of an ‘It Bag’ or tweeting, instead of calling, their clientele – most top-tier brands balk at the prospect of fixing something that doesn’t seem broken. After all, when the stakes are this high, one seemingly insignificant misstep could spell disaster.

But at what point does a careful and conservative approach to brand messaging become outmoded? And how can you carry hundreds of years ...



  • You can now shop at Dior online

    You can now shop at Dior online

    High-end fashion houses are often been slow on the uptake of digital opportunities; online shopping simply doesn't seem to fit with the expected opulence of the luxury shopping experience. But even the most stalwart non-believers are starting to come around and Dior is trialling online shopping.

  • Snapchat gets behind the scenes with Burberry

    Snapchat gets behind the scenes with Burberry

    Burberry’s Spring 2016 line has been released to the masses – but only if they’re on Snapchat. The British-born fashion house is giving users exclusive access to behind the scenes photos and videos shot by Mario Testino for just 24 hours. But does Snapchat really say 'luxury'?

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    A sector snapshot of luxury

    Why do people want their technology products to be precious? Why is personal service more important than ever? Should the luxury sector be keeping an eye on social? And how are airports emerging as the 'sixth continent'?

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    The Net Set: logging into the Net-a-Porter lifestyle

    Natalie Massenet, founder of Net-a-Porter, has been touted as ‘the woman who changed the way we shop’. Now, she’s at it again. In a bid to take a slice of the 36% of online purchases made via mobile, Massenet is launching The Net Set; the world’s first mobile, shoppable social network.

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    Moschino Barbie collection: it’s chic to be cheeky

    In the US, there are 11.8 million Gen Yers living in households with six-figure incomes, and many want to treat themselves to luxury items. For a market filled with these tech-savvy and social media-driven shoppers, instant gratification is crucial. But how are brands getting this group to splurge?

  • Vogue's Instagram is becoming shoppable

    Vogue's Instagram is becoming shoppable

    Is Instagram becoming the new shopping centre? It seems so, since one of the biggest names in fashion publishing – Vogue – is making its Instagram feed 'shoppable'. But can Vogue translate its 1.9 million followers and reputation as a taste-maker into significant sales?

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    Sass & Bide: stepping inside the world of fashion

    Australian women’s fashion retailer Sass & Bide launched its Spring 2014 campaign with the world’s first interactive, shoppable ‘3D’ advert, FREETOWN. But as digital and luxury continue to merge, will it dilute or magnify exclusivity?

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    Will digital save luxury?

    Burberry's new flagship store combines digital with luxury – with their recent drop in share price, can this innovative approach rekindle demand?