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  • A minimal, mobile shopping experience for men
  • A minimal, mobile shopping experience for men
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Curatum: mobile shopping for the modern man

Global menswear sales are set to reach $110 billion by 2019, up 36% on 2014. In response, there’s been an influx of stylish start-ups focused solely on men. Curatum is a discovery platform offering one new product each day. Is a minimal, mobile model the right way to get the modern man spending?

Location United Kingdom

From manbags to manbuns; in 2015, men are more style-conscious than ever. Global menswear sales are predicted to reach $110 billion by 2019, up 36% on 2014. [1] Which is probably why there’s been an influx of stylish start-ups focused solely on menswear.

Curatum is one of these new ventures, priding itself on being ‘the first and only luxury mobile commerce experience built exclusively for men.’ [2] ‘One a day’ is its motto; it’s a discovery platform that offers one new product every 24 hours. Is a minimal, mobile model like Curatum the ...



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    Whether you’re finding peace in a yoga class, or sipping coffee at Starbucks, the accepted attire for men is now the same – trainers and joggers. As sportswear becomes a permanent fashion feature, Mr Porter has launched an activewear section to add a touch of casual luxury to men’s wardrobes.

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    Global sales of menswear grew to $440 billion in 2014, and with their high disposable incomes, aspirational young males are prompting luxury fashion and lifestyle brands to expand their offerings. Move over Yuppies, Yummies and Henrys are the new kids on the block – and they’re ready to spend.

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    Not to be mistaken with yuppies, 'Yummies', is a name coined by HSBC to describe young, urban males. They have no family ties, are attached only to their iPhones, and want to be seen spending on expensive goods. Is this the demographic luxury brands should be targeting? 

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    It’s widely believed that women dominate household purchasing decisions – but while this was certainly once true, has it changed over time? In light of new statistics, more and more companies are gearing their offerings and marketing towards men. But are they reaching them?