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  • Will people pay for an ad-free YouTube?
  • Will people pay for an ad-free YouTube?
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YouTube Red: paying to skip the ads

People don’t like ads, and the success of Spotify Premium shows that they'll pay to avoid them. YouTube is now offering a similar option in the form of YouTube Red, giving users an ad-free experience and exclusive content. How might the loss of commercials impact the future of the ad industry?

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With over a billion active users and 300 hours of content uploaded every minute, YouTube is the most powerful engine for video distribution today. [1][2] And while it’s traditionally relied on third party advertisers to make money – it earned $4 billion in revenues last year – the release of new subscription service YouTube Red is set to change things up. [3]

For $9.99 a month, members can watch videos ad-free, access exclusive content, save clips to watch offline and play videos in the background as they switch apps. Launched in the ...



  • YouTube stars to make feature length films YouTube stars to make feature length films

    YouTube offers a lucrative career path for those armed with charisma and a concept that appeals to the masses. While stars currently upload short clips that can gain millions of views from fans, YouTube is now looking to use homegrown talent to make feature length films.

  • Article image Why Gen Z prefer peer-produced content

    Did YouTube kill the Hollywood star? In the second installment of this two-parter, we look at why Gen Z value the talents and opinions of their digital peers, what services they are flocking to and how a shift towards user generated content will affect the future of media production and distribution.

  • Article image How will Gen Z change the future of media?

    To see into the future of media, take a look at a 12-year-old’s iPad. Gen Z spend 35 hours a week consuming media. In the first of a two-part report, we look at why Gen Z are choosing tablets over TVs, why streaming services are king, and how this generation's behaviour will shape entertainment’s future.

  • Watch YouTube favourites before anyone else Watch YouTube favourites before anyone else

    With one billion users, four billion daily video views and 100 hours of content uploaded hourly, going up against YouTube as a video-sharing platform isn’t something many are keen on. But that’s exactly what former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar is intent on doing with his venture Vessel.