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  • Boomer bikers are taking to the open road
  • Boomer bikers are taking to the open road
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Saga: insuring ‘silver riders’ on the open road

As Boomers approach retirement with time and money, they’re longing for adventure, with some hopping on a chopper; in 2014, 3,000 over-50s gained a UK motorbike licence. Saga bought motorcycle insurer Bennetts to tap into this market, but what’s driving over-50s to the open road?

Location United Kingdom

Retirement has generally been associated with spending time with the grandkids and endless gardening. But as Boomers come to the end of their working life with ample finances, time and, most importantly, physical capability, that’s changing. Over-50s are now longing for meaningful adventure, and some are hopping on a chopper.

Saga has tuned into this new market by purchasing motorbike insurer Bennetts. As a result, it now insures one in five UK bikers, and with nearly 3,000 over-50s passing their motorbike test in the year up to March 2014, its customer base is only set to grow. [



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