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  • Your home may be smart, but is it secure?
  • Your home may be smart, but is it secure?
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CUJO: securing your smart home from cyber threats

In 2014, 110 million US adults were hacked. As we fill our homes with smart lights and thermostats, heightened connectivity is bringing heightened insecurity. A guard dog for the digital age, CUJO is designed to keep the connected home secure from cyber-threats. But are our homes really at risk?

Location United States

In Cujo – the 1981 psychological horror novel by Stephen King – the author tells the tale of a rabid dog whose intent to protect his owners is tainted by the maniacal rage of rabies, leading him to kill multiple people.

Now, a crowdfunded tech start-up has used King’s imagined canine as the namesake for its flagship product. A guard dog for the digital age, CUJO is a device designed to keep the connected home secure from cyber threats with the same vigour as King’s iconic pooch. But are smart homes really so at risk?





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