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  • Will algorithms re-stock our homes in the future?
  • Will algorithms re-stock our homes in the future?
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Do we want our cupboards to be auto-replenished?

When Amazon unveiled the Dash Button, it seemed like a hoax; a button that could re-stock household items seemed like science fiction. Yet auto-replenishing tech could soon become mainstream as new products appear on the market. What advantages do they offer over subscription models?

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Amazon’s unveiling of its Dash Button in early 2015 caused a media frenzy. Announced just before April Fools’ Day, it had tech writers wondering whether the device was a hoax. But it wasn’t. Amazon actually began distributing small, adhesive switches that allowed US customers to re-stock household products at the touch of a button. The company is also working on its Dash Replenishment Service (DRS), which enables a range of smart devices to automatically order goods from Amazon.

These innovations could change the way people shop forever, and they demonstrate Amazon’s desire to be front and centre of the ...



  • Article image Poppy: thoughtful appliances that restock themselves

    It’s 8am and you’re late for work. You rush into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal only to find you’ve run out of milk. At that moment the doorbell rings. It’s a delivery of groceries that you didn’t order, including a carton of milk. That’s the future according to Poppy and Amazon Dash.

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    For many men, shaving is one of life's necessities, with 75% of American men shaving daily. But a marketing war between Gillette and Schick has created a razor market that's expensive and over-engineered. Selling cheaper, back-to-basics razors, can Harry's offer an alternative?

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    With the spread of technology, companies are exploring the ways household chores can be made more bearable. Amazon is appealing to grocery-hating mothers everywhere with Amazon Dash – the kitchen assistant intended to do for the shopping list what Kindle did for the e-book.

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    A new wave of technological advancements is making it easier than ever to plug into an automated lifestyle, as people increasingly expect to exchange minimum input for maximum output.