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  • Can Blendle get the modern media consumer to pay for news?
  • Can Blendle get the modern media consumer to pay for news?
    Francisco Osorio, Creative Commons (2015) ©

Blendle: micropayments for news on-the-go

With the abundance of free content online, people no longer need to pay for the news, causing problems for publications whose traditional revenue streams are drying up. Can giving readers the option to pay for individual articles save quality journalism? Dutch platform Blendle certainly hopes so.

Location Netherlands / Germany

The web is saturated with free, quality journalism. With a flood of content available at the touch of a button, it’s hard to remember a time when people actually paid for their news. The subsequent decline of traditional newspapers has been well documented, with most publications reporting dwindling circulations. [1] Despite this, people are accessing and sharing news content more than ever. [2] The bad news for content producers is that they’re no longer paying for the privilege.

Couple this with the diminished value of online advertising space due to widespread use of ad-blocking tools – ...



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