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  • Can a brick-and-mortar store help Loaf bring in more dough?
  • Can a brick-and-mortar store help Loaf bring in more dough?
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The Loaf Shack: laid-back furniture shopping

With the UK’s furniture industry heavily fragmented, online retailer Loaf is looking to take a larger slice of the market by opening its first physical store – The Loaf Shack. The outlet aims to make buying furniture relaxing and hassle-free, but can it replicate the simplicity of shopping online?

Location United Kingdom

People aren’t particularly interested in brands when purchasing furniture and homeware. Design and quality trump a company name every time. You might have a table from IKEA, but splash out on a cabinet from Heal’s and accessorise with a throw from Conran. As a result, the UK's furniture industry is fragmented, with ‘others’ making up 58% of market value in 2014. [1]

Founded in 2008, online furniture retailer Loaf is now the UK’s fastest-growing homewares brand, recording annual sales growth of 81% from 2011 to 2014 and earning £27 million in revenue last year. [2][



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