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  • What’s so luxurious about vaping?
  • What’s so luxurious about vaping?
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Pax: a more luxurious way to vape

Vaporizers have become such a common sight that ‘vape’ was the Oxford Dictionary’s ‘Word of the Year’ in 2014. Looking to target city workers with high incomes, luxury vaporizer brand Pax sets customers back £199. But can it shake off negative stigma and become an aspirational lifestyle product?

Location United States

Previously confined to the vernacular of stoners, ‘vape’ has become such a household term that it was the Oxford Dictionary’s ‘Word of the Year’ in 2014. [1] Shaking off much of its bad reputation, ‘vaping’ has undergone a slew of modernising changes.

Targeting city workers and Gen Yers with disposable income, luxury vaporizer brands and products are on the rise, trading the negative stigma associated with them for a positioning as an aspirational lifestyle choice. San Francisco start-up Pax is one such brand, offering an upmarket product that sets customers back £199.





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