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  • Everybody wants to be an early adopter
  • Everybody wants to be an early adopter
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Found Them First: bragging rights for music geeks

Discovering new music was once a preserve of A&R scouts at major labels. But with unsigned acts now playing to anyone with an internet connection, how can music fans be sure of who was there first? A new Spotify feature is quantifying ‘cool’, giving music geeks the bragging rights they deserve.

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New Romantics, Rockabillies, Ravers; for decades, people have defined themselves by the music they listen to. Research even shows that what music you love can say tangible things about who you are. A study of 36,000 people across 60 countries suggests that opera fans are creative, blues fans have high self-esteem and reggae fans are outgoing. [1]

But it’s not just about what you listen to, it’s about when. More specifically, it’s about being first. After all, nothing says ‘I’m in the know’ like being an early adopter. In 2015, 42% of people found a ...



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    Why festivals in France have gone small

    France hosted more than 1,600 festivals in 2014, including some of Europe’s most iconic gatherings. But as attendees are served the same predictable line-ups and experiences, big events are losing appeal. What’s the allure of niche festivals and how can brands tap into these intimate occasions?

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    How Spotify and vinyl are shaping the future of music

    With the arrival of Apple Music, continued growth of Spotify, and a vinyl revival, it’s clear that the music business is in a state of flux. So how will the way we find, play and share music change in the future? In the first of two reports we see how Spotify and vinyl are shaping the industry.

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    Jukely: a monthly subscription to discover new bands

    You can stream the latest series of The Walking Dead via Netflix, and listen to Prince’s new albums via Spotify. In today's connected world, people subscribe to services for music, films, food and even fresh pants. And now Jukely is bringing the model to live entertainment.

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    PonoPlayer: music for real connoisseurs

    Neil Young's new HD music player, PonoPlayer, surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $800,000 just hours after launching. But can people really tell the difference in sound quality, or is it purely psychological? And how will its Toblerone shape fit in our flexible, sleek world?