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  • Would you trust Popbasic to stock your wardrobe?
  • Would you trust Popbasic to stock your wardrobe?
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Popbasic: delivering capsule wardrobes to your door

From normcore to capsule wardrobes, Gen Y has graduated from fast fashion and is going back to basics. Aussie start-up Popbasic is jumping on this movement with ‘mini monthly collections’ that can be bought as a set and delivered for free. But why would you trust Popbasic to stock your wardrobe?

Location North America / Oceania

Searching for the perfect white t-shirt online? Your choices may seem overwhelming, but a new breed of start-ups are making the decision to ‘add to bag’ easier than ever. These nimble e-retailers have the ability to involve, engage, and provide customer service in ways that larger high street retailers can’t.

Popbasic is one such online store, selling limited-edition capsules of three to four basic pieces bundled together as a monthly ‘micro collection’. These capsules are the opposite of trend-led fast fashion models, defined by their depth and breadth of products. What can the industry learn from Popbasic’s ...



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    From red-carpet retail rundowns to MTV’s Cribs, people want to know what celebrities are wearing, watching and reading. Minimums is a start-up making the most of this desire, allowing people to view and buy ‘the most interesting possessions of the world’s most interesting people’.

  • Gen Yers are buying their basics online Gen Yers are buying their basics online

    Every girl worth her salt knows that a good wardrobe is built around the basics. That plain tee that makes statement skirts pop or those jeans that ensure you look great even when you're not trying. But with high street names like Gap seeing losses, where are Gen Yers buying their basics?

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    Imagine your entire wardrobe fitting into a suitcase. That means everything; shoes, underwear, coats and trousers. Whether this fills you with hope or horror, it’s a reality for some. Un-fancy, the ‘wardrobe by numbers’ blog, exemplifies the minimalist fashion movement’s increasing online momentum.

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    ‘Til death us do part’ is usually reserved for weddings. But as sustainability becomes a bigger concern, it could be applied to our prized possessions, from cashmere jumpers to iPhones. But how achievable is this in a world where acquiring and upgrading are the status quo?