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  • Sports gear has seeped out of the stadium and on to the sidewalk
  • Sports gear has seeped out of the stadium and on to the sidewalk
    neekoh.fi, Creative Commons (2012) ©

Mr Porter Sport: taking luxury sportswear out of the gym

Whether you’re finding peace in a yoga class, or sipping coffee at Starbucks, the accepted attire for men is now the same – trainers and joggers. As sportswear becomes a permanent fashion feature, Mr Porter has launched an activewear section to add a touch of casual luxury to men’s wardrobes.

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Mr Porter is world-renowned, offering its customers a luxury fashion shopping experience without having to leave their front room. The brand has become a regular shopping destination for style-conscious men, receiving over 25 million monthly page views and shipping products to 170 countries around the globe. [1] Having flourished in men’s luxury, Mr Porter has branched out, catering to the growing demand for activewear while adding a touch of high-end style.

In April 2015, it launched Mr Porter Sport. This athleisure section offers branded gear across a variety of categories, from running and cycling to golf and ...



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