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  • Can golf ever win a place in the hearts of the French?
  • Can golf ever win a place in the hearts of the French?
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The Ryder Cup: driving in a new era of French golf

Golf is renowned as an industry that brings in the big bucks, but in France, the sport is historically hampered by its elitist reputation. With the news that the country is set to host revered golfing competition The Ryder Cup in 2018, can golf swing for success amongst French sports fans?

Location France

‘The Legend Arrives in France’. That’s how golf’s 2018 Ryder Cup is being billed in the host nation, three years before the first golfer fires the first drive down the first fairway at the Albatros Course at Le Golf National, near Paris.

L’Hexagone is preparing to host the prestigious biennial three-day matchplay tournament between teams representing Europe and USA for the first time, after the country’s 400,000 golfers each gave €1 to help fund the Fédération Française de golf’s bid. [1] This huge audience of golfers has also agreed to pay an additional €3 a ...



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