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  • To buy or not to buy, that is the question
  • To buy or not to buy, that is the question
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How Gen X and Y are buying a house in the US

A fifth of US renters spend more than half of their salary on housing. And with many others pushed towards long-term renting by student loans, an unstable job market or negative financial factors, Gen X and Y are finally stepping on to the property market. How are they going about their house hunt?

Location United States

Rent or buy? If you’re an American aged between 24 and 35, that’s the question you’re most likely asking yourself nowadays. With rents and daily living costs continuing to rise, Gen X and Y are starting to reassess what the best financial situation is for them heading into the future. 

The 2007 financial crisis caused the American housing market to collapse, creating the longest economic downturn since The Great Depression. Many cities across the country have more than recovered since that period officially ended five years ago, with some cities even surpassing their pre-recession economic levels. [1][



  • Realtor lets you try a house before you buy Realtor lets you try a house before you buy

    Buying a new property is a big commitment and not something that most people can afford to dive straight into. Thanks to estate agent Realtor, customers in the US can find out if their next potential house feels like a place they'd be happy to call home before they make a purchase.

  • Housing is eating up Gen Y’s monthly budget Housing is eating up Gen Y’s monthly budget

    Gen Yers attempting to fly the nest are finding themselves spending more than half of their income on rent. Rising house prices and the recession have forced the 'boomerang generation' to either stay with their parents or cut their budgets for shopping and social experiences.

  • Article image One Santa Fe: building a neighbourhood in an apartment block

    One Santa Fe is an LA-based apartment block of dense housing, but instead of building up, homes are spread across a site that’s a quarter of a mile long. With 25% of Americans not even knowing their neighbours' names, can a 'horizontal skyscraper’ recreate the social bonds of a close-knit community?

  • Article image Why Americans, young and old, are heading South

    Drawn to a warm climate, Southern hospitality and economic opportunity, 1.2 million people left the Northeast and Midwest for the Sun Belt states between 2010 and 2013. But how will this mass migration to the South shape America’s urban development, cultural diversity and economic future?