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  • Can China’s internet landscape survive while trapped in a bubble?
  • Can China’s internet landscape survive while trapped in a bubble?
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Youku Tudou: streaming video from behind the Great Firewall

China’s Golden Shield Project – or the ‘Great Firewall’ – has long posed problems for video moguls looking to please domestic audiences. But with new regulations tightening censorship even further, how are media sites staying relevant in an increasingly crowded and insular market?

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With almost 650 million internet users, China has the biggest online population in the world. [1] But with its ‘Great Firewall’ of censorship in place, the leading domestic video moguls have to battle it out, with original and user-generated content as their ammo.

In 2012, China’s two leading video streaming websites, Youku and Tudou, merged to become the country’s biggest player in online content, reaching 500 million active users. [2] But they were both still failing to keep their hits up. With dozens of copycat rivals, the online market in China is ...



  • Chinese YouTube seeks differentiation

    Chinese YouTube seeks differentiation

    China’s strict censorship laws mean that people often have to look for government approved replacements for the digital networks dominating the rest of the world. WeChat already substitutes for Facebook, and now a YouTube equivalent, Youku Tudou, is trying to assert itself.

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    Tings: speaking up on China’s anonymous social network

    Sending voice messages via WeChat and QQ has taken off in China as people look to save time typing and better communicate their emotions with friends and family. Anonymous platform Tings is hoping to connect people around the world through this purest form of expression.

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    Monster Hunt: China's beastly summer blockbuster

    While Jurassic World dominated screens in the US, a very different beast was making its mark in Chinese cinemas. Monster Hunt, the story of Wuba, a cute, adorable ‘monster’ born to be king, became the highest grossing Chinese movie of all time. What’s driving people to cinemas? And could the domestic industry ever rival Hollywood?

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    WeChat: the app you’ll never want to leave

    From messaging to social media to a marketplace to browsing the internet, WeChat is the app the does everything. While Western companies and app developers race to unbundle their services into efficient single-purpose apps, WeChat continues to add feature after feature.