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  • Modernising money in the land of traditionalism
  • Modernising money in the land of traditionalism
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Number26: giving German money a modern makeover

In Germany, where 80% of transactions are carried out in cash, card payments aren’t considered secure. Fintech start-up Number26 intends to change this perception, as – even in the land of pretzels, biergartens and traditionalism – people begin to test the waters of digital banking.

Location Germany

The German banking system certainly isn’t known for its convenience or modernity, just as Germans aren’t known for their financial risk-taking. [1] So you can imagine the raised eyebrows when two Berlin-based entrepreneurs created ‘digital bank’ Number26 and thrust it into the German banking equation. Scepticism ensued, but it was followed by a wave of people opening up accounts – after all, it only takes about eight minutes to do so on the Number26 app.

With this modern banking experience so largely focused on design and an impeccable user experience, even in the land of ...



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