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  • Will women swap tampons and pads for period pants?
  • Will women swap tampons and pads for period pants?
    Thinx (2015) ©

Thinx: swapping tampons and pads for period pants

The majority of feminine hygiene products aren’t exciting, but with the corporations responsible for making them barely changing over a century, do women have much choice? Period panty start-up Thinx says yes, offering a friendlier, cheaper and cooler way to sail through that time of the month.

Location North America

Periods mean big business; the industry around them is set to be worth an estimated $15 billion globally by 2017. [1] So why is the ‘feminine hygiene’ world so lame? Women spend time and money each month on piles of tampons and pads swaddled in ‘jazzy’ packaging, knowing that they’ll end up in a landfill somewhere.

As each week seems to herald a new innovative disruptor brand, why hasn’t the ‘Warby Parker of periods’ shaken things up already? But there is something new and panty-shaped on the horizon. Thinx is an American start-up that’s asking women to throw ...



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