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  • Simplifying shopping lists for seniors
  • Simplifying shopping lists for seniors
    Chris Chabot, Creative Commons (2013) ©

Peapod: American seniors rely on grocery delivery

Peapod’s grocery delivery service may be favoured by young American urbanites, but its core market is senior citizens. With an inviting interface and reliable delivery, over-65s are turning to the service for locally-grown food and healthy ready meals. Can its model succeed in other ageing markets?

Location North America / Northern Europe

Online grocery delivery is poised to undergo another transformation as AmazonFresh prepares to launch in the UK, with reports suggesting that the internet giant could overtake both Iceland and Ocado in the market. [1] The service has been spreading across US cities since 2007 and it's planning to introduce a wave of drive-thru stores, capitalising on the burgeoning online grocery sales sector, which is expected to be worth $18 billion by 2018. [2]

But as Peapod's success demonstrates, Amazon may want to focus on over-65s and retiring Baby Boomers, whose expectations of value and ...



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  • UK restaurants not catering to over 65s UK restaurants not catering to over 65s

    What better way to enjoy your retirement than treating yourself to some fine dining once a week? In 2014, those over 65 spent more on restaurants and hotels than any other age group. So why is it that 76% of UK businesses have no plans to cater specifically to this demographic?

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    No one wants to wait. Whether it's for a pair of shoes you need for later tonight, the latest HBO series or a mechanic to fix your dodgy exhaust. On-demand is the new norm. For taxis, there’s Uber, for takeaway, there’s Just Eat, and now, for groceries in the US, there’s Instacart.

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