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  • Camping on a rooftop can be quite the adventure
    Evrgrn (2015) ©

Casual Campers: pitching up in the urban jungle

The great outdoors is having a moment. The outdoor apparel industry made $4 billion in 2014. But with more people living in cities than ever before, what it means to be ‘outdoorsy’ is changing. A new consumer has emerged; the casual camper. But who are they? And how are brands engaging them?

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The great outdoors is having a moment. The outdoor apparel industry made $4 billion in revenue in 2014, with outdoor brand REI’s revenue increasing 10% and Patagonia tripling its profits. [1][2][3] But with more people living in cities than ever before, what it means to be an outdoor enthusiast today has changed.

A new consumer has emerged; one who won’t be climbing mountains on a daily basis but who wants to be prepared for when they do venture into the wilderness, head to a festival or sleep al fresco on an ...



  • evrgrn is gear for the casual camper evrgrn is gear for the casual camper

    Over 143 million Americans took to the great outdoors in 2014. But not everyone is a fan of sleeping in a bivvy bag. For some, camping means Coachella, and a hike is a good excuse for a catch-up. 'Mountain man’ brand REI has launched evrgrn – a line of gear that's perfect for the casual camper.

  • Article image Why staycations became the new British holiday

    Just 19% of Brits are planning on packing their suitcases and heading abroad for two weeks in 2015, yet almost half have booked four short trips scattered throughout the year. Why are people ditching the two-week trip of sun, sea and sand in favour of staycations and city breaks?

  • Article image Everyday Carry: buying into the philosophy of preparedness

    There are certain items you can’t leave the house without, but for some the trio of keys, phone and wallet just won’t do. From flashlights to penknives, people top up the bare necessities depending on their jobs, hobbies or environment. Whatever you take with you, that is your ‘Everyday Carry’.

  • Article image L.C. King: authentic workwear for hipsters

    From Victorian moustaches to flat caps, hipsters are notorious for reappropriating the old. Founded in 1913, traditional blue-collar workwear brand L.C King Manufacturing Co has become a firm favourite among trendy New Yorkers too, making chore coats and dungarees for blue-collar workers and hipsters alike. But how has this veteran brand done it?

  • The rise of the bearded Lumbersexual The rise of the bearded Lumbersexual

    Do you have a beard? Do you wear checked shirts? Do you look like you've just come in from chopping wood? Yesterday’s urban male, the metrosexual, was clean shaven and tidy. Today, a new tribe of men has emerged. Meet the Lumbersexual.

  • Article image Why do people go to music festivals?

    Every year, more than 6 million people attend live music events in the UK. Festivals are no longer about peace, love and LSD – they're commercial success stories. But have they kept any of their rebellious spirit, or are they just Instagram islands where anything goes?

  • Article image Holidays without the sun, sand and sea

    The stereotypical image of a holiday masks a much larger variety of desires, states of mind, emotions and personal interests. How much do we still identify with white sands and blue sea?

  • Article image A new breed of connoisseur

    Whether coffee or chocolate, pizza or pencils, connoisseurship has become a pastime for the masses. But if anyone can become a connoisseur of anything, will the concept lose its mystique?