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  • Walkonomics wants its users to take the scenic route
    Kat N.L.M., Creative Commons (2013) ©

Walkonomics: slowing down to take the scenic route

As people grow increasingly anxious about always being ‘on’, they’re seeking new ways to relax. Walkonomics is an app that encourages users to take longer, more beautiful paths. But if 70% of people feel short on time, will they really want to spend precious minutes on taking the scenic route?

Location United Kingdom

“Modern technology has become a total phenomenon for civilisation,” wrote philosopher Jacques Ellul. “It’s the defining force of a new social order in which efficiency is no longer an option but a necessity imposed on all human activity.” [1] And it’s true that switching off is tricky, especially for younger generations; 90% of Gen Yers say their phones never leave their sides, with 78% spending more than two hours surfing, shopping and chatting on their devices. [2]

But while efficiency has become a priority for many, there’s a question of whether or not ...



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    According to research, goldfish now officially have longer attention spans than humans. But is it really that simple? Canvas8 sits down with Faris Yakob, author of Paid Attention: Innovative Advertising for a Digital World to discuss how human attention is changing and why it’s so important.

  • Americans are walking more Americans are walking more

    It’s a common conception that our love for cars will simply increase until – in a WALL-E-esque dystopia – we remain permanently lodged in our vehicles, massively overweight and incapable of movement. But, in a surprising development, new statistics show that Americans are actually walking more.

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    With wood-panelled walls and cold-press juices, Leap’s buses have been criticised for contributing to San Francisco’s rising inequality. Elitism aside, bus travel may be key to bringing efficiency and equality to our expanding cities, and Leap is just one of many pioneering transport services.

  • Article image Why mindfulness went mainstream

    We’re losing focus on the present. We spend 47% of our time thinking about something other than what we’re actually doing. In the UK, US and Australia, fuelled by the desire to slow down and appreciate the moment, mindfulness – which can reduce anxiety by 70% – is now the antidote to busy city lifestyles.