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  • Splitting the bill is no issue with Venmo
    Garry Knight, Creative Commons (2012) ©

Venmo: a social network for splitting the bill

Whether it’s splitting the bill at a bar or sharing a cab fare home, paying your peers can be an awkward hassle. Mobile wallet app Venmo is changing this with a social media-style digital payment system that lets you instantly transfer money between friends. Could Venmo kill cash for good?

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Whether it’s splitting the bill for a round of drinks, covering your share of a meal, or making square on the cab fare home, paying your peers can be an awkward hassle. And with cashless payments increasingly favoured over coins or cheques, peer-to-peer payments are often impossible without sort codes and account numbers or trips to the cash point.

Mobile wallet app Venmo is changing all of this with a cashless, paperless digital system that lets you instantly transfer money between friends or those in close proximity, bringing convenience to peer-to-peer payments. With $1.6 billion sent over ...



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    Whether pinging your colleague a PDF or sending a mate an mp3, email attachments are the norm. And Google Wallet now allows UK users to attach cash to their emails, too. But in a financial landscape rife with privacy concerns, do people really want bank transfers to be as easy as sending an email?

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    When we run into trouble, friends and family have our backs. And it's a good job – with payday lenders charging extortionate fees and trust in banks low, who do financially fragile Gen Y turn to when they're in need? This alternative lender will front you cash, whilst taking pressure off your pals.

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    In the US, 80% of consumer spending no longer involves physical dollars, while in Britain cash use has dropped 14% in the last five years. What is driving this shift towards a cashless society? And how will we spend and manage money in the future?

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    Digital payment service Square is the brainchild of Twitter's co-founder and co-creator Jack Dorsey. In just 12 months it's transferred hundreds of millions of dollars. Now, with the release of Cash, Square wants to make it even easier to send and receive money.

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    In Turkey, popular bank Garanti is causing a stir with its revolutionary banking-on-the-go app iGaranti. As more services go mobile, the future of seamless, social money management seems likely to come in the form of smartphone integration and a consumer driven-approach.

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    T-Mobile is launching into banking with a pre-paid debit card and banking app. But if people aren't willing to trust banks with their cash, why should they trust a telecoms provider?