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  • Customers take the time to shop for things they love
  • Customers take the time to shop for things they love
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A sector snapshot of shopping

Why is grocery shopping all about speed? How are filters shaping where we shop? Where does the human touch make a difference? And why have we fallen out of love with the new?

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Time is everything when it comes to shopping. And people now look to shave minutes off time spent in the grocery store. But saving time buying fruit and veg means people can slow down for big ticket purchases.

Yet while tech might be helping people to streamline their shopping experience, increased automation in the store and online is putting a premium on having a human interaction. And future-facing retailers are making the interaction more personal with passionate, considered staff.



  • Article image Ten Group: a luxury lifestyle concierge serving London’s UHNWIs

    Ever wanted an elephant at your party? Or maybe a private Jessie Ware gig? It’s never too big an ask of the Ten Group – the global leader in lifestyle concierge services. But why has demand for these services grown so rapidly? And how’s this changing relationships between businesses and UHNWIs?

  • Article image ENJOY: Delivering technology with an expert touch

    Founded by Apple’s former retail boss Ron Johnson, ENJOY is an online consumer electronics retailer with a twist. Each product is hand-delivered by an ‘Expert’, who will spend an hour teaching you how to use it at no extra cost. Could ENJOY’s specialists become the new normal?

  • Article image Twice: turning rags into riches

    Americans buy five times as many clothes as they did in 1980, with 10.5 million tons shipped off to landfills annually. While brands like Patagonia are making coats that last a lifetime, Twice is helping people monetise decluttering. But can second-hand shopping match the buzz of fast fashion?

  • Article image The Physical Cookie: sweetening the shopping mall experience

    We're all familiar with cookies – files that track us online, showering us with personalised ads. Brands love them and now shopping centres want to adopt them in an attempt to stay relevant in the age of e-commerce. But can the Physical Cookie really sweeten our offline shopping experience? 

  • Article image Do we really hate self-service?

    People love to grumble about supermarket self-service machines. In fact 93% of UK shoppers claim to find them frustrating. But while consumers rant and rave when surveyed, statistics show that more people are using self-service than ever before. So do we really hate serving ourselves?

  • Article image Glia: buying products as ethical as you are

    Whether people identify as Christian, feminist or vegetarian, in a landscape that celebrates transparency, brands that share people's values tend to come out on top. Glia makes it even easier for people to find out which brands' morals mirror their own, meaning they'll never buy anything mindlessly again.

  • Article image PIRCH: try out a bath before you buy it

    Home improvement stores are rarely a joy to walk around. Sprawling shop floors packed with rack upon rack of disconnected fixtures make for a pretty miserable Sunday shopping trip. But in a PIRCH showroom, customers can take a shower or cook up a storm, all while they're still in store.

  • Article image Mercari: a flea market in the palm of your hand

    As taxes go up in Japan, consumers are developing a new taste for the old. As a result, the flea market is jumping. But not as per tradition; now the concept has shrunk to fit your pocket. The second-hand marketplace app Mercari is attracting smartphone shoppers, could it overtake eBay?