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  • Commercial investors target Crown Heights for gentrification
  • Commercial investors target Crown Heights for gentrification
    Chris Ford, Creative Commons (2013) ©

1000 Dean: faking gentrification in Brooklyn

1000 Dean is the epitome of cool Brooklyn, combining office spaces with an artisanal food and beer hall. But with real estate investors playing a vital role, this hipster hub isn’t another product of community-led gentrification. Can a cool neighbourhood really be created in a matter of months?

Location United States

Coffee shops, artisanal beers, and sourdough pizza are all established hipster hallmarks, and have all helped fuel a race for properties in trendy locales. Gentrification in 2015 looks like a well-blended cocktail of creative professionals housed alongside their favourite brands, and housing developers are harnessing this to create cool neighbourhoods in a matter of months.

While the Williamsburg and Greenpoint districts in Brooklyn have already been upscaled for these new residents, inner parts of the New York borough have been relatively unchanged. But real estate developer BFC Partners and investment bank Goldman Sachs have seized an opportunity to kick-start ...



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