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  • Old habits don’t have to die-hard
  • Old habits don’t have to die-hard
    Basheer Tome, Creative Commons (2011) ©

Take It From A Fish: kids give dad health advice

People don’t like being told what to do, especially by big corporations. And knowing that men in particular don’t like listening to health advice, pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca targeted the wives and kids of unhealthy dads. But how did it do this? And why did it work so well?

Location United States

Meet Sal and Marty. They’re just two fish, hanging out on the fish counter, listening to a woman tell her husband to cut down on sugary desserts. “She seems a little naggy to me,” opines Marty. “Naggy?” protests Sal. “Nah. She just cares about her husband so much, she'll play bad cop to help him get his triglycerides down.”

This is the opening scene in pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca’s YouTube campaign to encourage men to eat less triglycerides – a type of fat in the blood that can increase the risk of pancreatitis. Taking inspiration from the man’s ...



  • Article image Cannes Lions 2015: changing the world for the better

    What were the underlying themes at Cannes Lions 2015? From encouraging people to improve themselves through the power of shame to enabling people to improve the world through digital channels, many of this year's winners set out to encourage positive behaviour change.

  • Article image Can shame save the world?

    Public shaming is back on the agenda. From fears of being photographed eating on the tube, to apps that erase pics from the night before – the spectre of public criticism looms large. Has social media revived this age-old mechanism of control? Or can shame be a force for positive change? 

  • Article image V/Line: using guilt to sell train tickets to Millennials

    As young Australians head for bright city lights, Melbourne has become the nation's fastest growing area. But how do their parents get them to visit home out in the sticks? A campaign by Victoria’s public transport operator V/Line let people guilt trip their kids into returning.

  • Article image Would you want a brand to be your BFF?

    Digitisation is helping brands and their customers communicate, forming narratives and relationships. Whether it's Netflix taking its viewers to prom, or Anchorman's Ron Burgundy reading the regional news, brands are manifesting in the real world, disguised as human beings.