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  • Are cleaning products polluting our homes?
  • Are cleaning products polluting our homes?
    Amanda Tipton, Creative Commons (2014) ©

Do our homes need a detox?

With media and researchers exposing the chemical nasties found in everyday products – from air fresheners to washing powders – consumers across the world are facing up to a hidden health crisis. With indoor pollutant levels two to five times higher than outdoor, is it time our homes had a detox?

Location North America / Northern Europe / Global

With evidence mounting that our most commonly used household products – from air fresheners to washing powder – contain potentially deadly chemicals, is it time for a domestic detox? Across the US, Europe and beyond, it's a question that a growing number of consumers are asking themselves as they learn about the potential nasties brands use in their products.

Reports continue to reveal the amount of toxic chemicals within cosmetic products. Women are particularly vulnerable, with two-thirds in the UK doing most of the household cleaning, and nine out of ten professional cleaners being women. [



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