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  • How are Aussies making a house a home in 2015?
  • How are Aussies making a house a home in 2015?
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What makes an Aussie dream home?

With property prices booming, more Aussies are choosing to spend on home improvements rather than a pricey move. How are Australians changing their houses to focus on a connection to the land, doing less with more and creating spaces that nourish both the stomach as much as the soul?

Location Australia

With property prices booming nationwide, more and more Australian homeowners are choosing to spend their money on making what they've got as impressive as possible. An ideal home Down Under consists of a swimming pool, walk-in wardrobes, home theatre system and designer kitchen. [1] Considering that almost nine in ten Australians agree that renovating is a good strategy to increase the value of a property, it’s no surprise that home improvement projects have increased 147% since August 2010 and that the amount spent on renovations is at its highest level since early 2012. [2]



  • Australians bring the outdoors into the home Australians bring the outdoors into the home

    Urbanisation is hitting one of the most spacious places on Earth – Australia. Known for its sunny weather and famous beaches, the land down under is also home to more than 24 million inhabitants who are now adapting their freedom-loving lifestyle to new types of living spaces.

  • Article image A sector snapshot of home

    Why are kitchens becoming performance spaces? Why are little ones living it large? How are people building their perfect home and why are cities getting new residents?

  • Article image How the kitchen became a status symbol

    Changes in tech, family roles and tastes have seen kitchens evolve from utilitarian rooms meant for domestic labour to open plan spaces featuring chef-grade equipment and movable workstations. But why are more are more people opting for these high-end, high-priced status kitchens?

  • Homes in Wollongong are pricier than New York Homes in Wollongong are pricier than New York

    Australia is one of the most popular migration destinations for European citizens, and with notoriously high wages and a successful sidestep of the global financial crisis, it's considered one of the most financially stable countries to live. But debt is on the rise – is there trouble in Australia's paradise?

  • The luxury bbq market heats up down under The luxury bbq market heats up down under

    The Australian barbecue market is – to fit the stereotype – huge. But an influx of cheap, imported products is leaving consumers hankering for something more substantial to grill their meat on. It's driving spending on high-end barbecues, which can sell for as much as $10,000.

  • Young Aussies give up homeowning dream Young Aussies give up homeowning dream

    With Australians in their 20s and 30s entering the housing market later than their parents – and in much smaller numbers – they've been termed "generation rent". And while owning a home isn't the sum total of the great Australian dream, the young still feel like they're missing out.

  • Article image Will DIY inspire a new generation?

    While the past decade has seen the rise of maker culture - from crafting to hacking - DIY retailers seem to have been left out. And yet, despite a shaky housing market, the desire to improve one’s home has never been stronger. So what’s behind this mismatch, and how can brands transform into buzzing hives for a new generation of DIYers?

  • Article image Houzz: renovating Australia‚Äôs DIY market

    Three in four Australian homeowners plan to decorate their digs in the next two years, and 41% plan to build an addition or renovate. Tapping into this national obsession, Houzz is a community of home renovators and professionals that's disrupting Australia's $30 billion DIY market.