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  • Should brands be provocateurs?
  • Should brands be provocateurs?
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A sector snapshot of communications

Should brands be provocateurs? Why do we expect our social networks to work harder? How can shaming be a force for good? And why tuning out the things we don't want to hear is easier than ever.

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In a saturated media landscape, it can be easy to get lost in the noise. Do you need to be a provocateur, riling up your critics to get noticed? Or should you jump on the latest moral bandwagon, and make your mark by uniting people in a campaign of shared values?

Of course, when everyone’s fighting for attention, sometimes less is more and blending in can be a powerful tool. Making yourself useful and knowing when people want to be left alone can be as powerful as making yourself heard.

This snapshot looks at why we want ...



  • Article image Cannes Lions 2015: changing the world for the better

    What were the underlying themes at Cannes Lions 2015? From encouraging people to improve themselves through the power of shame to enabling people to improve the world through digital channels, many of this year's winners set out to encourage positive behaviour change.

  • Article image Tango Shop: chatty commerce for gen mobile

    Shopping as we know it could be about to change. With over 50% of e-commerce traffic coming from mobile devices, an app called Tango is catering to a generation that’s stuck staring at their smartphones. With the ability to chat, share and buy all in one place, could rivals be left behind?

  • Article image Can shame save the world?

    Public shaming is back on the agenda. From fears of being photographed eating on the tube, to apps that erase pics from the night before – the spectre of public criticism looms large. Has social media revived this age-old mechanism of control? Or can shame be a force for positive change? 

  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Communications

    Will we continue to talk less and message more? Which social media platform will be a stand-out success? Will Line take over the West and how will the trend for unbundling develop?