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  • How are Gen Y managing their money?
  • How are Gen Y managing their money?
    Louisa Billeter, Creative Commons (2011) ©

UK Gen Y on Money

Are Gen Yers splurging their cash when they should be saving? Are they really saying no to home ownership? Do they actually have no use for brick-and-mortar bank branches? Canvas8 sat down with British men and women between the ages of 18 and 35 to find out where their cash really goes. 

Location United Kingdom

Gen Yers are notorious for their phobia to commitment; they don't want to settle down or buy a house, and couldn’t afford to even if they did. They splash all their cash on experiences and vanity, too concerned with instant gratification to worry about the future

But are these assumptions accurate? A recent study of Gen Yers suggests that this group are better at saving than older generations; 75% carefully track their expenditure – compared to 64% of Boomers – and 67% stick to a budget, as opposed to just ...



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    A sector snapshot of money

    What is ‘connected commerce’? How are banking innovations going social? Why is everyone becoming an entrepreneur? And can behavioural economics help people save?

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    2015 Expert Outlook on Money

    Will we all adopt NFC payments? How will our privacy concerns hinder the development of electronic money? Do we really trust brands over banks and why should all finance companies be watching Apple?

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    How to make people think about tomorrow, today

    Would you rather jet off to the Bahamas next week, or save and go in a years’ time? In an ‘I want it now’ culture, thinking for the future is hard. When two-thirds of boomers retire they won’t have saved enough to maintain their lifestyle. How can brands encourage people to think about tomorrow, today?

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    Which bank services will make you switch?

    With UK consumer confidence increasing, competition among banks is stronger than ever. Austerity has left consumers cautious, while 24/7 banking has given more access and control over personal finance. But what do people want, and how can banks entice them to switch?