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  • Why mobile banking in Brazil is a bright idea
  • Why mobile banking in Brazil is a bright idea
    Leonardo Veras, Creative Commons (2015) ©

Nubank: app-based credit for Brazil’s big spenders

In Brazil, applying for a credit card is a whole lot of hassle. But mobile-first service Nubank is harnessing the 90 million-strong smartphone circulation to replace all that poor service and paperwork with a streamlined, app-based offering. Is this the future of Brazilian banking?

Location Brazil

Getting a credit card in Brazil can be a real pain. Most customers start off physically visiting a branch, then grit their teeth for the lengthy process that applying for – and managing a credit card thereafter – entails. Typically, customers must produce a wealth of documentation proving their identity, address and income, and often have to present these physically at a branch where they endure lengthy queues and poor customer service.

Nubank is a new credit card provider that uses smartphone technology to circumvent consumer frustrations – ideal, given that there are 90 million smartphones circulating in Brazil. ...



  • Article image Is this the end of Brazil’s luxury bonanza?

    New shopping malls and a young population with sophisticated shopping tastes are helping make Brazil one of the world's most profitable luxury markets. But the recent economic downturn means optimism is ebbing. Does a gloomy economic outlook spell the end of Brazil’s luxury bonanza?

  • Brazil turns to pawn as interest rates soar Brazil turns to pawn as interest rates soar

    Brazil’s growing middle class has been on a decade-long spending spree with borrowed money. Between 2004 and 2014, consumer-held credit rose by 658%. But with interest rates on credit cards spiralling, shoppers are turning to a traditional source of extra cash – pawn shops.

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    Push for a pizza, swipe for a cleaner and tap for a taxi. The rise of apps like Uber is facilitating the culture of ‘I want it, and I want it now’. For digital-savvy city-dwellers from London to Beijing, everything you need – from your dinner to a ride home – is just an app away.

  • iZettle comes to Brazil iZettle comes to Brazil

    The social payments company iZettle has launched in Brazil as part of its global partnership with Banco Santander. Small businesses will be able to order a chip-and-signature card reader and accept card payments with Apple and Android smartphones.