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  • Entrepreneurial and empowered, US Latinas are a rising force
  • Entrepreneurial and empowered, US Latinas are a rising force
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Are Latinas the most powerful US consumers?

In 2013, US Hispanic females had a combined spending power of $1.2 trillion. As their roles at home, in society and in business change, this group’s influence is only set to increase. How can brands use language, cultural heritage and sentiment to succeed with these Latinas?

Location United States

There are 54 million Hispanics living in the US, making up the nation's largest ethnic minority. By 2060, that figure is expected to grow to just under 130 million, comprising 31% of the US population. [1] With its rising numbers, this group is already altering how marketers, beauty companies and filmmakers target and develop their products and campaigns.

But it's the women that are really making moves. Latina women had buying power worth $1.2 trillion in 2013, and are expected to represent 30% of the total female population by 2060. [2]

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