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  • Do technology brands just not ‘get’ design?
  • Do technology brands just not ‘get’ design?
    Garry Knight, Creative Commons (2012) ©

Lexon Fine: gadgets that really go with your Gucci

Technology aimed at women is often slammed for being ‘girly’. But at a time when a gold Apple Watch could be as coveted a fashion accessory as a Gucci handbag, stylish technology has never been more sought after. Lexon Design’s ‘Fine’ collection is feminine technology without the frills.

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“The only substantial differentiating feature of the gold Apple Watch is that it’s more expensive,” writes Medium blogger Adam Fields. “Because it’s ‘gold’ and not ‘gold-coloured’, it’s not just a style choice, it’s a lifestyle choice.” [1] The fact a style choice exists at all is telling of a shift in people’s perception of electronics.

Technology is no longer just about utility – the biggest hard drive or the fastest processor. It’s transcended that role to become an accessory, and whether you’ve got an iPhone 6 with a patterned protector or a gold-coloured Macbook, gadgets ...



  • Nothing drives spending like narcissism Nothing drives spending like narcissism

    It doesn’t matter what income you’re on, everyone spends in the struggle for status. From make-up to man-bags, protein shakes to plastic surgery, jewellery to private jets – we all splash cash in the name of vanity. And new research shows that these purchases could be worth as much as $4.5 trillion.

  • Apple takes a page out of the fashion playbook Apple takes a page out of the fashion playbook

    The opening pages of glossy magazines are predominantly populated by the fashion elite – long-legged waifs clutching Marc Jacobs handbags or garbed in Burberry trenches. But the March 2015 issue of Vogue will feature an altogether different kind of luxurious style offering.

  • Article image Will the smartwatch kill the wristwatch?

    Are traditional watches under threat of extinction by the evolution of the smartwatch? Or is the mechanical timepiece truly timeless? Apple’s iWatch is making stalwarts like TAG Heuer and Swatch rethink, so what do we really want to wear on our wrists?

  • iPhones beat diamonds for Gen Y iPhones beat diamonds for Gen Y

    “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is a mantra that many women lived by throughout the 20th century. But times have changed. For Millennials in particular, fine jewellery – just like cars, houses and health insurance before it – has become an unappealing investment.

  • Article image Grand St.: indie tech with a human side

    A new generation of tech-savvy trendies was born from the crowdfunding movement, and this predominantly male audience wants unique electronics that will give them the fast track to the future. Brooklyn-born e-tailer Grand St. offers its 200,000 members a carefully curated selection.

  • Wearable tech gets a snakeskin makeover Wearable tech gets a snakeskin makeover

    French fashion house Opening Ceremony may be better known for statement dresses and outrageous shoes, but a partnership with Intel has resulted in a luxurious piece of smart technology. But who wants to wear a snakeskin, bejewelled piece of wearable tech?

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    People prefer devices that are unobtrusive, fit into daily life, and look stylish. But do they really want to wear technology on their wrists, faces and around their necks?

  • Article image Me & the machines: wearable technology

    With half a billion wearable devices shipping in the next few years, soon interacting with smart cities will seem as 'normal' as checking Facebook.