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  • How can GE’s LightGrid help build smarter cities?
  • How can GE’s LightGrid help build smarter cities?
    Jeffrey Zeldman, Creative Commons (2013) ©

GE LightGrid: bright lights, big data

Up to 40% of a city’s electricity use may be dedicated to street lighting. But what if lampposts could do more than illuminate pavements? What if they could get brighter under dark clouds or give a lost driver directions? GE has created bulbs that work harder and longer for cities of the future.

Location United States

Keeping street lamps humming every night can drain up to 40% of a city’s electrical output. [1] Yet they’re a necessity and so commonplace and that few give lampposts a second thought. But what if they could do more than illuminate our streets?

As well as boasting greater efficiency, GE’s LightGrid is set to make street lighting smart. Its LED bulbs last up to 20 years and feature integrated sensors that can detect information about their surroundings. Streetlights will be able to react to the weather, direct drivers to free parking spots and even guide emergency services. ...



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